esson 52: The Star


he Stone King enters the glade where I rest enjoying my sculpture. He bids me accompany him, and we ascend a hill through a trail in the woods. By the time we reach the small fort at the summit, it is dark and he wants to rest. He asks me if I will keep the watch, and I readily agree. The air is fresh and clear and the view spectacular. I'm wide awake!

The night wears on, and I enjoy this peaceful time gazing at the moonlit landscape and sky. I watch Orion stride across the heavens, followed by his faithful dog Sirius. I see a few shooting stars (and make wishes on them), but then one in the north comes closer and closer--not burning out but getting brighter! By its light, I can see the land all around, even to the stone circle where I met the king. And, coming up from there, I see the great hawk gliding. He catches a thermal from the fiery comet and glides up and up until I can no longer see him. Then he reappears, circling and descending until he is flying directly over the hilltop. He is so large and majestic, yet I still think to myself: "Don't shit on me. That would be the very last straw for me at the moment." Suddenly, he swoops down and grabs me, like a mouse for his lunch. I'm so thrilled to be flying with him that I'm filled with awe rather than fear.

I hear a voice in my head, and realize that it comes from him. "He that endures to the end shall be saved!" (Just what I need--a Scripture-quoting hawk.) "Welcome to the end time. You have endured; you WILL be saved. Only two more weeks--hang in there!"

We seem to fly right under the blazing star. Its radiance becomes a golden dust showering down over us. Ahh! How can I complain when I have such a great secret life? Everything will be well again by the time I reach the Stone Hallow, and I feel I must be getting close now. The hawk continues: "The neighbors have found a new apartment!"

At that moment, I can hear below me the cockerel cock-a-doodle-doo, echoing my joyous whoohoo! I look back and see the Stone King standing and waving, and know I don't have to worry about having let him down. By the light of the Star, I can see the rapture on his face.

We cross the valley and land on an open hillside. As I turn to look at the hawk, I see he has two feathers in his mouth. One is his own, and the other is from the rooster's tail. He places them on the ground before me. "If you can walk, you can fly. If you can cock-a-doodle-doo, you can sing. Walking and talking were once hard for you, but now you make them look easy. It's time to move on to flying and singing. Take these feathers and practice every day." I thank him and he departs.

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