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Family or water?
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Post Family or water? 
Thinking out loud (or talking to myself again).

Six of Swords--mainly: moving beyond troubled waters to a calmer place. Also: travel (by water), melancholy (of departure?). By extension: exile, abandonment, separation/widowhood, and the Magdalene/Grail myth. In practice: this card comes up a lot for women traveling without their men and/or with their children. Seldom *by* water, but often over or near water (e.g. over the ocean or to the beach).

Hagar: Obviously melancholy about being exiled by Abraham (and Sarah). Traveling alone with her son. But it's the *lack* of water that plays a key role, a little later in the story. God rescues them, and makes out of Ishmael "a great nation." So one could say that they ended up in a "calmer" or at least better place, but was a long hard road.

Jesus: Being in a boat and stopping a storm and waves certainly fits the meaning of this card! But there is fear, rather than melancholy. And, it bugs me that there's no family connection. If only Mary had been on the boat with him! (Widow's son?)

Any thoughts?

One Love All Love,

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Post six of swords 
The essence of this card is fleeing from turmoil, distress, etc to calm, etc and I do not think that water or boats are essential to conveying that meaning though that has been the traditional imagery. The chosen image should reflect, or at least imply, both the turmoil, distress, etc. and the calm, etc. and indicate some shift from the first to the second.

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Post six of swords a second time around 
Just thinking out loud: Because I first established what the cards meant to me using mostly the RWS deck yet, in addition, find myself playing with numerologically flavored interpretations, I sometimes find myself with decks with seeminly conflicting images and meanings. Are they really conflicting or just different parts of the same whole?? An extremely vivid example of that is the five of wands of RWS (chaos and conflict) and Osho Zen (cooperation and precision).

I have been most conflicted with the sixes: is the six of cups nostalgia or celebration? Melissa Townsed's six of cups has six champagne glasses not the large child (the importance and gift of the experience and memories of childhood) and small adult of the RWS and her six of swords is someone putting in the final piece of a large puzzle with the book's decription beginning "You will find a solution or way through a difficult passage or problem."

RWS is not consistent with its numerology and, because I am so strongly drawn to what is emotionally evocative and because Pamela Colman Smith's story telling skills are evident in the strong imact on me of her imagery, I keep saying that I will take a more numerological approach but keep getting seduced by the now very familiar RWS imagery.

Dore, also, has very powerful imagery (Have you seen the Victoria Regina Justice and Temperance??) and you imply you are torn, at times, between the power of an image and "the meaning of the card" though this thing, the meaning, is not at all fixed.

I have not yet decided what, for me most creates" the meaning of a card": the traditional RWS meanings?? a strictly numerological approach?? personal experience and personal associations?? a combination?? The jury is still out.

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