esson 26: The Sun


s the gloom (of Spear Nine) fades, I see Bronx approaching. "You said you were on a quest," he states, "but here I find you again just standing and watching! Get busy, girl! I will watch here for you, for this is my realm to defend. You must continue on."
   Grateful, I give him the axe and warn him to look out for dark clouds, which are not as harmless as they may seem. I depart.

   As I journey back along the stream, I meet a rider on the path. His friendly smile and open expression are like the warm midday sun in the now clear sky. He shines.
   "Hi!" he greets me. "Want a ride?"
   An irresistible offer! I climb up behind him as he takes his harp around to the front of him. I feel his sun-warmed skin and he even smells warm. He plays on his harp as we proceed at a gentle pace.

   We approach a castle and enter the courtyard. All the people here are naked and I shed my clothes right away. No matter if short or tall, skinny or fat, light or dark--all the bodies are beautiful in their way. A blanket is spread on the grass, and we sit for a picnic, relaxing and nourishing under the warm and bright sun. We are served simple foods: bread and cheese, ripe and juicy fruits (nectarines and peaches in abundance), and new wine like liquid gold.

   I lie back on the blanket and the boy, whose name is Leo (what a surprise!) takes a cream from his bag and rubs it over my body. He is especially careful to cover places less frequently exposed, to protect me from getting burned. It's not sexually stimulating, but innocent, relaxing and comforting--rather like the touch of a masseuse or mother or nurse. I drift off, content and safe.

ask: Cards which indicate/represent creative process

The instructions were to make a story or reading with the Spear family and the Sun. What I ended up with instead is these cards as representative of different stages of the creative process. Then I went through the deck and tried to pick the cards to 'go with' those stages. I discovered that there are two levels of meaning for each, which made it harder to clarify. There are some weak spots, but I'll leave to others to point them out.

Spear Maiden--inspiration, conceptualization
All Hallows, but especially the Spear Hallow
Inspiration: Spear Hallow, Spiral Tower, The Star, Grail Six
inspiration: Talesin, The Moon, Grail Seven, Prydwen, White Hart, Grail Hermit
Spear Knight--motivation, idea -> action
Motivation: Gawain, Spear Two, Spear Eight
motivation: Seeker, Sovereignty, Stone King, Stone Six, Sword Two (?)
personal, through meditations: Spear Ten--the ongoing flow of ancestral wisdom and life; Stone Four--to release some treasures from the cache; Sovereignty--to fertilize the sunflowers
Spear Queen--defense, guarding against challenges and obstacles
Defense: Spear Seven (of position), Spear Nine (against unknown; alertness, wariness)
defense: Spear Five, Sword King
Spear King--work
Work: Stone Three, Stone Seven, Stone Eight
work: Stone Knight, perhaps also Green Knight, i.e. being up to the challenge
The Sun--resolution, end product, completion, realization
Resolution: Flowering of Logres
resolution: Grail Ten, Stone Nine, Spear Four

Interesting side note: the piece of paper on which this is written is permanently stained with sunflower dust.

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